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Technological innovations for respiratory diagnostics

SpiroConnect® - Vertical Turbine Technology

The use of turbine technology for spirometers was first described in 19821. Since that time turbine technology has become widely used by many manufacturers and has gained a reputation for stability of calibration, low cost and ease of use. However, turbine spirometers have difficulty in reaching the low flow sensitivity required by the ATS/ERS guidelines2 of 0.025l/sec. Low flow sensitivity is particularly important for the diagnosis and monitoring of COPD, a condition characterised by an extended period of low flow in the spirometry manoeuvre.

SpiroConnect® is the only turbine spirometer to overcome this limitation by a radical redesign of the turbine geometry combined with reorientation the turbine axis to lie vertically.

All good quality spirometry turbines use conical V jewelled bearings to minimise friction. However, the horizontal orientation of the turbine in all other spirometers currently available is not optimal for the bearings used as illustrated below:

Vertical Turbine Technology Image 1Vertical Turbine Technology Image 2

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