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Technological innovations for respiratory diagnostics

SpiroConnect® - Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Image

Pharmaceutical companies face constant pressure to reduce time-to-market of new drugs in the most cost-effective way. The role the CROs play is dramatically increasing as is also demand on the competitively priced high performance equipment.

The demands to bring new, more effective drugs to the market for treatment of respiratory diseases with a strong focus on COPD require precision equipment that will deliver reliable data.

SpiroConnect® with its unmatched performance at the low flows characteristic in COPD patients, combined with known benefits of turbine transducers such as stability, reliability and low running costs is ideal for regulatory and post-marketing clinical research trials. ATS/ERS compliant, portable, battery operated and connecting to the PC via Bluetooth, SpiroConnect® is also user and patient friendly. Its PC software can be easily customised to support specific protocols.

MedChip Solutions provide Investigator Training and Technical Support Service throughout a clinical trial.