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Technological innovations for respiratory diagnostics

SpiroConnect® - OEM

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MedChip Solutions combine technological innovations with over 30 years design experience of turbine based spirometers bringing to the market – SpiroConnect® – a vertical turbine spirometer that delivers precision spirometry with unrivalled low-flow sensitivity for diagnosis and management of asthma and COPD.

The SpiroConnect® OEM spirometer complies fully with both the ATS/ERS Task Force Standardisation of Spirometry:2005 and ISO 26782:2009 Spirometry.

Using patented vertical turbine technology the SpiroConnect® is the only turbine based spirometer that complies with the ATS/ERS requirement for flow sensitivity down to 0.025L/s – a vital characteristic for the diagnosis and monitoring of COPD patients.

The SpiroConnect® OEM can easily communicate with any Bluetooth equipped host system. The handheld unit streams live waveform data to the host during a blow then calculates all the spirometry parameters internally and transmits the calibrated results to the host using a simple communications protocol. This approach minimizes the overheads required in the host system, which can simply display the waveform and present the results without having to perform any calculations.

A range of Bluetooth enabled host systems can be accommodated including Android based tablets, phones and Windows™ based laptops.

Our experienced in-house engineering team has expertise in electronics, firmware, software and industrial medical design and are available to help bring your project to the market.