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Technological innovations for respiratory diagnostics

SpiroConnect® - Telemedicine

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"The emergence of home healthcare has opened new avenues for respiratory care devices market. Convenience and comfort in a home care environment coupled with cost advantages are the major factors driving the home healthcare market for respiratory care devices, which has grown significantly over the past few years and is expected to grow at a steady pace in the coming years. Rapidly aging population, rising incidence in COPD, technical advances in the respiratory care devices market, and tight budgets of healthcare institutions are the major factors influencing the market."1

Recent studies have shown that home monitoring of both asthma and COPD patients can improve their quality of life and reduce costly hospitalisation by contributing to better management of the disease.

SpiroConnect® with its precision vertical turbine transducer is ideal for both asthma and COPD monitoring. With its Bluetooth connectivity, stability and ease of use SpiroConnect® can be easily incorporated into telemedicine and home monitoring projects.

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