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SpiroConnect® Manuals

Our manuals are available in pdf format below, a free pdf reader is available from adobe reader download image

Current Operators Manual

Version Number Date of Publication Language File Download
1.5 25 November 2015 Austrian 001.105.AUT Issue 1.5 SpiroConnect Operators Bedienungshandbuch(PDF-A).pdf
1.5 25 November 2015 Dutch 001.105.NLD Issue 1.5 SpiroConnect Handleiding.pdf
1.6 31 October 2016 English 001-105 GBR Issue 1.6 SpiroConnect Operators Manual (PDF-A).pdf
1.5 25 November 2015 French 001.105.FRA Issue 1.5 SpiroConnect Mode d'emploi.pdf
1.5 7 September 2016 Polish 001.105.POL Issue 1.5 SpiroConnect Instrukcja Obsługi(PDF-A).pdf
1.5 25 November 2015 Serbian 001.105.SRB Issue 1.5 SpiroConnect Uputstvo za Upotrebu(PDF-A).pdf
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For older versions of Operators Manuals please visit our Archived Manuals page